my paidpost…

Jpm1000000pmSun, 27 Jan 2008 21:27:22 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 pm01 (personal)

is kind of slow for few days now. elowwwwwwwwww….google i want me pr back. hahahaha… i was talking in my other blogs that i am planning to transfer my domain to my other blog and have my old domain that has a PR3 now, but it is not possible since i already had some paid post in my domain. A mistake indeed. Anyway it will be a very busy Monday for me I will have a meeting at 2 pm in my nephew’s school after that i need to mana lilibeth hope meeting will be done soon. but i doubt, since Filipino’s love to be late. When u say 2 pm they will come 3 pm. hahahaha….need to go now i need to iron my nephew’s uniform. bye bye….happy Monday


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im crying….

Jpm1000000pmSat, 26 Jan 2008 17:05:09 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 pm01 (Uncategorized)

Yay.. I am crying while watching the MAGKAPATID movie on tv. Grabeh.. galing talaga ni Sharon at Judy Ann. Did watch this movie many time but heck i always end up crying. hahaha… This morning I and my friends in college met in the beach. We really had a lot of fun. Thanks love for allowing me to stay longer with my friends. I really appreciate it. To my good friend Theresa who will go back to Hongkong tomorrow. BON VOYAGE friend. hope to see you again in 2009. good luck

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Jam1000000amMon, 21 Jan 2008 03:57:31 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 am01 (personal, rants)

Hello bloggers happy Monday. How is your Monday? My Monday did start very early, I woke up at around 4:50 in the morning. Isn’t too early? It’s Monday and my nephew has a class but i forgot to iron his uniform so instead of going back to bed i decided to iron my nephew’s uniform and then after open my pc so check if I have some task waiting for me, but heck I don’t have any. huhuhuh…After updating my domain blog i decided to remove dust on top of our Tv and arrange the mess on the tv stand. Yes, our tv stand is such a mess cos of the dvd’s that is not properly arrange.

Now, I am listing the transaction’s i did last year and put is on a folder so I can keep in for auditing. I made a list to check if i have a complete voucher for last year transaction’s then ill check it on my record at the accounting office. Better to do this than i’ll go crazy during audit time like what happened on my first audit. Although the documents was not my transaction I need to do some signatures and making some lucking paper on the voucher.

I still need to reduce a drawing for my nephew’s project and we dont have this reducer in our town so I need to go to Tacloban just for this and its raining that makes me lazy to go there.  And my nephew’s is bugging me cos he need to pass it tomorrow. Lastly i need to return his ticket cos the draw will be early next month and i haven’t start writing filling up. hay too many things to do by i am too lazy….

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Jam1000000amSun, 20 Jan 2008 08:28:25 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 am01 (blogging time, personal)

How is your Sunday? Mine is good so far, I woke up few minutes ago from my afternoon chat. I immediately open my pc to check if i have some task to do. Huh, but i am not yet lucky to have any one. My review has been quite since my page rank on my CELEBRATE LIFE blog is now PR0. Too bad i did not enjoy my PR3 for long time. I started as a pro-blogger for 3 months now and I can say that I earn good in doing some links assignment. My blog (Celebrate Life) was first accepted in blogsvertise and blogitive, then smorty accepted my blog when it was 2 months. Finally when my blog reached 3 months old Payperpost approved my blog.

Since then i decided to make another blog My Journey later on i decided to have my own domain. This blog just reached 3 months old and is accepted by PPP, smorty, blogsvertise and still keep on submitting my domain blog. As they say you have more task if your blog is in your own domain. yay.. for now i am not enjoying that thoughts but hopefully soon when my domain blog get some page rank.

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why oh why

Jpm1000000pmWed, 16 Jan 2008 16:33:40 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 pm01 (blogging time)

For 2 nights now I am always having a problem grabbing opps from ppp, I dont know why it always like that during night. maybe cos many bloggers trying to grab one opps and it makes ppp’s server slow? huh, all i know is it is not like that during day time. thanks god i able to grab 2 opps this morning before i sign off and meet my friends. right now my eyes wants to close so i will going to bed. i only hope i will have some opp from ppp tomorrow morning. goodnight

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my first post

Jam1000000amTue, 15 Jan 2008 09:01:43 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 am01 (personal, Uncategorized)

yay, another blog? is this another reason that i am beginning to be a blog addict? i don’t think so, just that i am beginning to love writing my rants online. i actually have a wordpress blog before too bad i neglected it. i am just amaze how fe made his word press blog into PR5. wow that is kind of a good rank.

anyway i am still trying to figure out this wordpress blog. but for sure i will be having a problem doing my own template.

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