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How is your Sunday? Mine is good so far, I woke up few minutes ago from my afternoon chat. I immediately open my pc to check if i have some task to do. Huh, but i am not yet lucky to have any one. My review has been quite since my page rank on my CELEBRATE LIFE blog is now PR0. Too bad i did not enjoy my PR3 for long time. I started as a pro-blogger for 3 months now and I can say that I earn good in doing some links assignment. My blog (Celebrate Life) was first accepted in blogsvertise and blogitive, then smorty accepted my blog when it was 2 months. Finally when my blog reached 3 months old Payperpost approved my blog.

Since then i decided to make another blog My Journey later on i decided to have my own domain. This blog just reached 3 months old and is accepted by PPP, smorty, blogsvertise and still keep on submitting my domain blog. As they say you have more task if your blog is in your own domain. yay.. for now i am not enjoying that thoughts but hopefully soon when my domain blog get some page rank.


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  1. asawakomahalko said,

    Hi rose…musta na hehhee gawa din ako nito hahahha la pa time..

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