Jam2000000amWed, 06 Feb 2008 01:28:20 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 am02 (personal)

…seems its been a decade since i last updated this blog of mine. Lot of things happened since then. One, is that my son turned 3 years old last January 30, 2008 too bad i don’t have any pic to share shame on me. We also visited the week of my sister’s mother in law last Saturday and go back home last Sunday.

Lastly, yesterday i stayed almost whole of my day at the clinic. My eyes and head has been in a chaos  for many weeks now but i just tried to ignored it. But last week it stopped me for staying on my pc and dont allowed me to read long. Now i need to wear my glasses again both my eye has astigmatism my other eyes has a grade of 50+ and the other one -1. Though i dont need to wear my glasses always but it is deem that i used it while i am on pc and reading. hay… for the mean time my stay on pc is limited before at least 2 weeks cos then ill have my glasses so all will be back to normal. but heck why i need to wait for 2 weeks hay its too long for me.. so until next time chao….


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