my tuesday rants

Jam2000000amTue, 12 Feb 2008 11:47:14 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 am02 (personal, rants)

yay, heart day is fast approaching and I don’t have someone to celebrate with because my love is miles away. huhuhuh.. I hope we can have our late celebration soon. (keeping my fingers cross). Anyway Valentines Day is always a normal day for me it because I haven’t celebrate it with a blast shame on me. Who knows next year ill have my Valentines day with a blast.

Anyway, I’ve trying to contact smorty with regard of my referral payment. Heck I should have receiving some amount last month but when I e-mail them a week ago they said they will pay me on their next schedule payment which was last Friday but I only paid for my approved post. So I immediately e-mailed them again asking why I am not paid and boy this time they are asking me if I can send them the approved post of my blog referral but hello and dami kaya nun. Kaya I just send them the url’s and my referral report hope this help them para mabayaran na nila ako molah din kaya yun.hahahaha…

Finally my paypal withdrawal last January 31 is now completed I hope I will have the molah on my eon account this week. I already tried to withdraw to my local bank account and when i checke4d it earlier it is still pending hope all will be well on this cos i am planning to use this on withdrawing my molah on my paypal account kasi mura lang. Medyo mahal kasi sa eon eh. hahahha….got to go not i still need to attend our special session at 8 pm




  1. nedekcir said,

    Hi, kamusta. Have a happy valentines day… And btw I have a tag for you…sorry it got passed to me and passing it to you….Here it is….


  2. thoughtsandrants said,

    thanks Eden for the tag ill do it now.

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