Jpm4000000pmTue, 15 Apr 2008 17:01:08 +000008 27, 2008 at 1:10 pm04 (rants)

I am back for more than a month of being hiatus.Huh, not that I was in a long vacation just that I don’t have any mojo to update this bloggie of mine. Been busy with my other 3 blogs. Anyway, just finish chatting to my lalabs and now I am hoping to chase opps from triple P. This morning I had difficulty on chasing opps I hope I will be luck this evening. But so far nothing good is happening and I am bit sleepy now so I might go to be without any task for this evening. Hay it’s not really easy to earn money but very easy to spend.

BTW, I am surprised the new look of my dashboard.hehehe…. yay, one proof that I missed visiting this blog. Anyway, time to park my keyboard now and time to go to bed. Need to wake up early tomorrow and try to chase opps before I start to chat to my lalabs.


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  1. nedekcir said,

    just paying you a visit here. Have a great weekend.

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