Tips to have a good relationship

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Have you asked your self what to do to have a long relationship? Will here is some I hope it will help answer your question.

  • Accept the Short comings
    None of us is perfect. Some of us have a high level of expectations to our partner. And expect to be love the way they are. So if they are always late in your meetings, then plan your schedule half hour from the real time. Don’t bla bla too much why he/she is late. Anyway they want a partner in life not a new mother and father. You have to accept your partner the way he or she is – and find ways to deal with the issues in a way that is not water torture for you.
  • Admitting your wrong
    arguing is a fraction of a relationship. Sometimes couples are just arguing any stuff. This most likely is a small argument. At the end the arguments is not solved, one of them is going to notice that it’s their fault for even starting this argument and admit its his/her fault and ask forgiveness.
  • Agree to Disagree
    We are all different. It can happen that your partner doesn’t want to eat all the food you want to eat. Or wear a perfume that you don’t like. And there is nothing wrong with that you can’t force him/her to eat this or to wear this because it’s her own personality. You just need to accept for what he/she is and respect each other. Agree that you both have a point of view. It’s not good to turn your partner to be carbon copy of your
  • Do Not Shout
    Good relationships are between best friends who love and respect each other. Shouting involves intimidating or being louder than the other person to drown them out. This isn’t a sign of respect by any stretch of the imagination. If either of you begins to shout or in any way emotionally or physically abuse the other person, call a time out. Say you’ll discuss it later. Don’t be mean about it – the aim here is to respect each other. Don’t dismiss the other person’s concerns! Say that this is important to you, this is important to them, and your best chance of actually finding a solution is to talk about it in a little while. Then go for a walk, go for a bike ride, go find some way to de-stress and encourage your partner to do the same. When you discuss the issue later, it should be easier to find a solution that works.
  • Forgive
    Forgiving someone that you really love is easy. As long as the one asking for forgiveness is serious and came from the bottom of the heart. And you should understand why he did something or said something. Try to believe and trust him.
  • Open Communication
    Communication is an important instrument to have a great relationship. Absence of communication might bring one relationship to be rocky. So try to at least call everyday or send a message.
  • Tell him how you feel
    Make sure you tell your partner how you feel, and don’t say things that you don’t mean.
    Try not to say no when your partner ask favor to you. Hehehehe….
  • Have time
    Sometimes we are too busy that we don’t have time for each other. Being together is a great impact for a relationship. Try to have time for each other as possible.
  • I Love You
    Don’t forget to say the magic word everyday. Saying “I LOVE YOU” is an assurance they he/she still own you.

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