Charise Pempengco

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has recently guested at Oprah show. This kid is really doing good in her singing career she has been guesting to many shows abroad. Yet another pride of Filipino people. Mabuhay ……Here is her lates video uploaded in youtube. Enjoy watching…

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My town as Skimboard capital of the Phils?

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While checking on my town’s blog I saw this video of Tanauan skimmers who is having fun in skim boarding competition at Tanauan shores. If I am not mistaken this video was aired on GAME PLAN, a sports show on Philippines television. But just too bad I didn’t watch it on TV, but I am happy cos it was aired on the town plaza every night before the cultural show’s start. And being a proud Tanauanon it pop on to my mind to post this video on my blog. So here is it just hope you will like it. Any comments will be appreciated. Enjoy watching..oohh my god trying to download the vedio here but i can not do it correctly. my last option is to put the URL just click it and bingo u will see the vedion on youtube


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Rags to riches story

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Rags to riches story is always my favorite. Maybe because it gives inspiration to those who are losing hopes. You can actually see me reading stories like this over and over. My all time favorites movies is Cinderella may it be a carton of a movie. I do know some people that are from rags to riches and I admire them so much. Well, they also give inspiration to some people who are aiming to be rich. Anyway if you are like me that love to read rags to riches story I suggest you to visit under the Nouveau Riche I am definitely sure that you will have fun reading those story like I do. Some successful people that are from rags to riches are Bill Clinton, Oprah.

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