Discounted software

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My computer is hanging up sometimes and my technician says I might need to change my hardware anytime soon. Sigh.. I need to save for this. Anyway if you are planning to buy new hardware you want to upgrade you computer is a must see site that offer discount software. I did browse the site and I have seen some software that I want to acquire. I have seen the Microsoft 2007 version and I like it. That is why I check their microsoft office 2007 basic to check the features. I also check their software blog that is very informative. So go and get those discounted software or visit the blog for more information about the software you want to have.


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Computer hang-ups

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My computer has been acting weird for the past few days and to be honest it pisses me. Now it is running again but must admit it is different now. The technician said I need to back up all my important files because my hard disk will give up any time. Ohh.. omg…..I need to buy a flash drive soon before its too late. I actually don’t  have much important files to back up. Anyway I will park my keyboard now and back to sleep. I just woke up cos lalabs called up. And since triple don’t have any plan to give  some opps to the blogger so no reason to stay Bye…bye…

Signing off…..

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