Best lawyer in town

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Are you looking for a lawyer? Someone that you can be trusted? Then check out Criminal Attorneys Los Angeles | Southern California DUI, Felony, Misdemeanor Lawyers . Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin, LLP has been in the business specializing combined criminal law experience of over 50 years, exclusively practice criminal defense, includes general criminal offenses, sex crime, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, theft and many more. They are the top 5% U.S. Law firm provides criminal defense to clients in Southern California. So this statement alone prove that they really have great lawyer in town.


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Heart and echo break up?

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This rumors have been on television for a week now. Heart E. broke up her boyfriend for 3 years Jericho Rosales on TV. While Echo is outside the country. I was really touched on Jericho’s live interview last Sunday. He is really hurt by this break up although he don’t consider that the relationship for 3 years is end unless he talk to Heart. But since Heart E. is not in the country so i guess Echo needs to wait.

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Thanks God it Friday again, but yay, I will be busy today. Yesterday was Labor Day and it was a holiday so I wasn’t able to asked for the requirement for renewing my bond and our chairperson before I run out of time. Our bond will due on Monday so I need to pass it on that day. Then Ma’am Imelda wants to meet me also for Justin’s book that she bought in her trip to Cebu. My son is really excited having this book I am sure he will enjoy coloring and reading this book.

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